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The Impossible Boy

Impossible Boy Book Cover

When a new boy at Blue Hills High School shows off his crazy magic tricks, kid sleuths Barney and Gabby (a.k.a. GEEK INC.) are sure there’s something weird going on, because no one can really disappear into thin air…can they? Determined to reveal the truth, they discover there’s more to the tricks than meets the eye. In fact, the fantastic illusions might just endanger the entire world…

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Reviews of The Impossible Boy

Review on Wondrous Reads

The Impossible Boy is the second book in the Geek Inc. series by Mark Griffiths. So far it's the only one I've read, but I enjoyed it so much that...

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Review on The Bookbag

Weird things happen in Blue Hills High School and the surrounding area. Not just the typical behaviour of teachers driven demented by their pupils, or the secret ingredient we all...

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Review in The Guardian

The Impossible Boy by Mark Griffiths is an exhilarating and stimulating thrill-ride which takes you on a trail of mysterious happenings involving the fourth dimension. Geek Inc. are on a...

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