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Review in The Guardian

The Impossible Boy by Mark Griffiths is an exhilarating and stimulating thrill-ride which takes you on a trail of mysterious happenings involving the fourth dimension.
Geek Inc. are on a case to investigate the impossible, and despite Blue Hills (their home town) seeming like a conventional city, there is a lot more to investigate than first meets the eye.

Barney is a nonchalant pre-teen. His careless remarks constantly irritate and upset his best mate Gabby, however her affection and devotion to their friendship causes her to stick by him anyway. But then new boy Chas arrives, and everything changes. Suddenly Gabby has a new friend who can blow her mind with his terrifying tricks and astonishing abilities, taking her to another world in the fourth dimension.

Gabby strangely forgets all about Barney, and how much she relishes her life on earth, making the un-reversible decision to leave it all behind. This is when Barney realises three things: one, that he really cares about Gabby; two, that she is not the type of person to forget things; and three, that his best friend needs him more than ever…

This book was funny, thrilling and impossible to put down. I would recommend it to anyone with a passion for mysteries, or a love of stories about friendship.


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