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Space Lizards Ate My Sister!

Space Lizards Ate My Sister! Cover

An asteroid is about to hit planet Earth, Admiral Skink (yes, the same evil space lizard that stole Lance’s mind) is back and up to his old tricks again, oh, and his little sister, Sally, has just been swallowed by a giant lizard creature from outer space….

It’s up to Lance and his best friend Tori Walnut to travel to Admiral Skink’s home planet, find a way to rescue Sally, and save the world. Which shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

“I laughed until my tentacles turned blue” – The Iggleflimpian Daily Examiner

“Quite funny for something written by an earthling” – Archduke Scabwheel of Swerdlix

“We loved the bit with the Blue Chickens of Brocklesbane!” – The Blue Chickens of Brocklesbane

“A delight from start to finish!” – A Gelatinous Blob of Stinky Green Slime With Ten Eyes That Eats People Whole And Spits Out Their Bones

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On a school trip to an observatory, a scientist is being very stupid and silly in trying to impress the class of visitors about his work, which is very ironic...

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Admiral Skink was once a fearsome warlord, ruler of the space lizards.  After a less than successful mission to conquer the earth, he is now trapped in the body of...

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Lance and Tori have already saved the world once from the evil space lizard, Admiral Skink, but this time things are much worse. An asteroid is heading towards Earth and...

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