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Admiral Skink was once a fearsome warlord, ruler of the space lizards.  After a less than successful mission to conquer the earth, he is now trapped in the body of Pickles the iguana!

Luke Spratley is 11 years old and the arch enemy of Admiral Skink.  He saved the world once, can he do it again?

Asteroid Peach – now there is a funny story – is heading for a direct collision with the earth.  It is matter of days before Earth will be no more.  Admiral Skink, evil as he may be, is called on for help.  However, even trapped in the body of an iguana, he is far from honest. 

Planning to double cross the earthlings, he succeeds but at what cost?  Once again Lance and his best friend Tori are hot on his heels …

Hilarious from page one, this is a fantastically funny, easy to read book taking its reader into realms of sci-fi and fantasy without shame.  A must read!

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