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Space Lizards Stole My Brain! is a great addition to younger children’s fiction – it’s bonkers! It’s a book that would make a brilliant children’s TV show (animated, of course) chronicling the adventures of human Lance Spratley and Swerdlixian lizard ruler Admiral Skink.
This book is all about brain swapping, though it happens through less than usual means. Admiral Skink’s starship is destroyed, the Braintwizzler 360 system is fired up and voila, Admiral Skink swaps minds with Lance! Hilarity ensues, of course – Skink doesn’t understand the human world and all it’s many customs, and Lance just hasn’t got a clue what’s happened to him and why he’s in a strange place surrounded by weird giant lizards. It must all be very traumatising for the poor boy, though preferable to his rather slave-like home life!

There’s a lovely clever little pet iguana called Pickles who makes an appearance, as well as a real live Triceratops (eek!), numerous mankind-hating Swerdlixians, an addiction to auction sites and something called an ARGH. Just your run-of-the-mill alien story really… minus the dinosaur, of course!

I think children aged 7+ will really enjoy this, both boys and girls thanks to the two main characters Lance and Tori. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Space Lizards Stole My Brain! is also fully illustrated by Pete Williamson! He’s my favourite children’s illustrator and successfully works his magic on this book. Honestly, I’ve never seen lizards looking like this. Yikes! Look out for the sequel later in the year, which I believe is called Space Lizards Ate My Sister! Uh-oh!

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