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Admiral Skink reveals his favourite novel

Ahead of the publication of SPACE LIZARDS ATE MY SISTER!, the hilarious sequel to Mark Griffiths’s sci-fi comedy for kids SPACE LIZARDS STOLE MY BRAIN!, chief space lizard himself Admiral Skink shares his heated thoughts on literature.
As a busy space lizard, I am frequently asked if I ever find the time in my hectic schedule of planet conquering and senseless destruction to curl up and unwind with a good book. Well, of course I do! I love books! I seldom burn anything else! As a lizard, you see, I need to absorb warmth from my surroundings and few substances rival the combustibility and heat output of a really good novel. My all-time favourite book is Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. Have you read it? I haven’t, but I adore the beautiful indigo flame it emits when doused in petrol and set alight. Now I see the hideous Earth mammal that goes by the name Mark Griffiths has written another book about me and my exploits on your dismal little crumb of a world entitled Space Lizards Ate My Sister! Couldn’t tell you whether the story’s any cop but an advance copy sent to me recently went up in flames a treat and kept me toasty through a long winter night. I can give no higher recommendation.